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Just two songs remain to be completed for the Rescinder EP.
At some point in time, that'll change. Hopefully soon.
Working on a few standalone tracks that have really got their hooks in me.
Thanks for listening everyone!

Rescinder EP Update! (50% Completion)

2017-03-05 11:09:46 by Googlebugger

So the progress on my EP, Rescinder, has been coming along smoothly. Not quite at the pace that I'd like but with work, video games, and also my newborn son coming into the world, I have quite a lot to deal with.

That being said, I'll release the tracklisting here and now. This way, those who are curious can track my progress since I've completed about half of the tracks as of this moment. I'll also be releasing two more tracks this month. One of these tracks will be a stand alone single unrelated to the Rescinder EP.

That's about all I have for you right now. So here be the Rescinder EP tracklist:

1. Recommunicated

2. Halfer

3. Usurper

4. Archender

5. Unrelenter

6. Faller

7. Returner

8. Obscurer

9. Conceiver

10. Gloomrender

11. Egresser

12. Rescinder

13. Receeder

14. Elated

15. Intermisser (On Home and Heart Pt. II/Bonus Track/End Credits)

Stayed tuned for the release of the next track in the EP: Returner.

Thanks for listening to whatever the hell this noise is called.

But really this time.
So enjoy the new EP, Rescinder, in its entirety.

The bleeps and bloops of this EP represent a direct connection to a science fiction novel I've been developing over the past decade or so. Most of the inspiration for these tracks was taken from its current adaptation.

I'll be releasing the songs (shooting for over 10 tracks this time) one by one, over the course of what remains of this year, and the first month or so of 2017.

Thanks for listening to whatever the hell this is.

New Music

2013-02-17 12:41:32 by Googlebugger

So I'm just now starting to make some new music. New chiptunes and some weird hiphop electronic kinda wtf deal going on and it's like where does my brain get this shit?
Anyways it's gonna be pretty cool and you should listen to it at some point in your day, ya know when you have time.
I mean when I post it, that is. Which will be soon.


World Ending

2012-12-18 19:19:52 by Googlebugger

Yeah... So I don't quite know or care about what's gonna happen the 21st.
Um... I'll try to release an amazing masterpiece before then... Just kidding, I'm going to be way to busy drugging the fuck out of myself.
So, sorry about that. But, ya know, it's been great.

It really has.

Borderlands 2

2012-09-22 04:12:06 by Googlebugger

Still pumping out some nice chiptunes for you guys.
Gonna be playing an accoustic set at the new coffee shop in town, fuck yeah.
Bought Borderlands 2, playing the ever-loving fuck out of it.
Got wasted at the bar on my birthday, then went to a party and drugged myself the fuck up because clearly it makes me cool.
Now stop reading this and listen to my music, or something.

Updates About Updates

2012-08-16 01:05:07 by Googlebugger

I guess I should atleast post an update thingy such as this every month or so.
So here's some stuff going on in my life right now:
Experimentation with my new keyboard from the 80s. Will probably make it's way into my music in a sneaky manner.
I turn 21 in a month. Heavy drinking will ensue.
I'm getting a normal person job soon. This may slow down my tuneage writing process, but it means I'll have money for better music related shit in the near future.
Well I can't think of anything else, so bye.
Wait, leave some comments on my music, so just incase it sucks, you can tell me, and then I can make music that doesn't suck. Wouldn't you like that? Free music that doesn't suck? Sweet, me too.

Novus Initium

2012-07-01 09:45:50 by Googlebugger

Hey everybody.
My week of vacation is over. Went to Ocean City in Maryland then drove to Long Island New York with my best friends band for a gig with them.
Had a blast and such, all that jazz.
I've been hardcore experimenting with some new sounds for you guys so prepare for some weirdness, but there won't be much more of that slow-mo type timestretching crap I've been throwing into my latest tracks. It sounded neat at first, now It's annoying.
Anyways, new tunes to come, hope you guys enjoy.
Enjoy your day.

A few days ago, I finished the last track on my 11 track EP, Rarecandy.
You can download the entire thing on Soundcloud FO' FREE here:
Chances are, I won't get around to posting the whole EP here on Newgrounds, BUT... I shall make sure this site gets a few exclusive tracks to make up for that.
Anyways, enjoy the chippytunes I've made for you guys.
And remember,
Do Not Blaspheme.

See that [Audio] button over there? Yeah, that's the one.
Right, now you're gonna want to go ahead and click on that button.
Now when you do that there's going to be some weird and possibly idiotic titles of songs to choose from.
Just go ahead and click one.
I'm also not responsible for any injuries such as bleeding of the ears and/or nostalgic flashback syndrome.
Download and share if you'd like to show some support. I find more support brings more inspiration, sometimes.
Anyways, enjoy your day/night.