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Rescinder EP Update! (50% Completion)

2017-03-05 11:09:46 by Googlebugger

So the progress on my EP, Rescinder, has been coming along smoothly. Not quite at the pace that I'd like but with work, video games, and also my newborn son coming into the world, I have quite a lot to deal with.

That being said, I'll release the tracklisting here and now. This way, those who are curious can track my progress since I've completed about half of the tracks as of this moment. I'll also be releasing two more tracks this month. One of these tracks will be a stand alone single unrelated to the Rescinder EP.

That's about all I have for you right now. So here be the Rescinder EP tracklist:

1. Recommunicated

2. Halfer

3. Usurper

4. Archender

5. Unrelenter

6. Faller

7. Returner

8. Obscurer

9. Conceiver

10. Gloomrender

11. Egresser

12. Rescinder

13. Receeder

14. Elated

15. Intermisser (On Home and Heart Pt. II/Bonus Track/End Credits)

Stayed tuned for the release of the next track in the EP: Returner.

Thanks for listening to whatever the hell this noise is called.


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